first things first

cheers, bitches

cheers, bitches

So it’s 2018 and WHAT NOW?!? There was a super moon in Cancer so obviously I’m feeling all kinds of ways. I graduated two years ago and have already had 3 jobs (just applied to #4 so I’ll keep ya posted) and made my dog an Instagram. Suffice it to say, life’s been PRETTY crazayy. I feel unbelievably driven and motivated while also being v stuck in my tracks.

So I’ve started typing this. By doing this I can be both stuck on my couch and maybe hopefully potentially "moving" somewhere? Who knows. I’m still not entirely sure what I want this to be and for a long time that's been holding me back. But now I’m feelin like, fuck it. I just want to write and say what I think and maybe someone will be able to find a common thread through it all. God bless those of you that try.

There’s just so much shit going on right now for everyone, but I feel like especially people like me. People with little to no real structure in their lives anymore for the first time and without much to be responsible for other than yourself. Never in my life has there been such an utter lack of structure and direction. This is unbelievably thrilling and terrifying. Half of me is screaming YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME while the other is begging someone to tell me what to do. But no one will because everyone’s everywhere and too busy drowning in their own shit to pay attention to yours. That’s why I’m publishing my shit because I need more attention. Jk. Kind of.  

But this lack of anything truly worth while going on in my life has given me time to look into all this shit that's on around me politically, socially, culturally etc. that I otherwise wouldn't have had time to and now I get to share my thoughts on it all with you. Read on readers! (I'm so sorry about this last joke)