life update

I had too much alone time today so YOU get a post! Congrats. Because of afore-mentioned too-much-me time I took a bath today which is something I do now. I even used epsom salts cause that's what my trainer told me to do. Yeah, I work out.

One of the challenges of bathing with epsom salts though, is my overly attentive animal who likes to put her head over the side of the tub the whole time. It's cute, obviously, but for those of you that don't know, epsom salts are also a laxative when ingested so it's also a constant fight to keep her from drinking the water or licking it off of me. Cause what I definitely don't need is a nice bath and then some explosive dog shits.

But anyway, I'm sitting there trying to fit my all lanky-ass limbs in the tub cause you've gotta be submerged to soak up all that epsom and I basically look like someone's murder victim who they've tried to contort to fit in the suitcase they're gonna bury my body in, and I get to thinkin. I ran away from home once. Cause I didn't want to take a bath. And now I am literally FIGHTING to get myself INTO this bath. Anyway, life's pretty crazy, huh?