now get to work, bitch

Work is for squares, am I right you guys?? But also, like, desperately need financial independence so my mom can stop chastising me for spending so much money on jeans that are already ripped. BE QUIET, WOMAN! So work is a necessary evil. But I was extra #inspired to write this post by a lovely man with a crippling Napoleon complex who I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing with yesterday. 

Quick background: I graduated almost two years ago, OK and l've had a few jobs since then. And lived in 2 cities and just been feelin it out and living my ok-est life. And I'm feelin pretty damn fine about it. Who the fuck knows what they want to do for the rest of their lives right now? Like I'm under no illusion that my name is ever going to show up on a Forbes 30 Under 30 and I'm cool with it. So back to this interview.

After fielding some softballs with a lovely woman from accounting who I would be working under, the "big" man on campus came in with his own line of questioning. It started off fine enough, repeating some questions about my background and how I heard about the position and then after glancing again at my resume proceeds to ask me, "Can you describe a time in your personal or professional life when you demonstrated loyalty?" I fucking hate these questions and had also never really heard that one before. Like did you mean the time I was on a team or something? I started slow, so he contextualized his line of questioning by pointing out the diversity on my resume and explaining that it didn't look like I had stuck with much. Where at first I had just been a little flustered by a stupid question, now I was offended. My LOYALTY? I'm some how not qualified for this job because I have TOO much experience with different shit?

Again, I'm 24-years-old, people. OF COURSE I'm still jumping around. I think it would be insane not to. For those of you that found you're calling fresh out of school, kudos to you. For those that have to deal with immense pressure of balancing student loan debt or have other financial needs that prevents them from shopping around, I understand that tough reality too and I wish you the best to hustle hard and get wherever you are trying to go. But neither are my reality and I don't feel guilty about it. I'm very blessed to have the privilege to take the time to make a life for myself that I really love. These past few months of job shopping and looking into law school have really opened my eyes to one of the harsher realities of adulthood. People aren't necessarily propping you up anymore. You've gotta know you're worth because there isn't a net around to you to prop you up anymore. I left that interview more a than a little annoyed, but not for a second did I question my loyalty. 

But like, for real people. To my men out there, I'm honestly less worried about you because you know all of this, but keep chugging. But to my ladies, did you know that study after study has demonstrated that we almost NEVER feel fully qualified for the positions were given? No fuxing wonder we have problems negotiating salaries, we barely feel like we're qualified to work at all. I hate that. People TRUMP IS PRESIDENT and you can do whatever the FUCK you want. Jump around how much you want. Stay as long as you want. Papa don't preach, but GOD DAMMIT I am over feeling undeserving of what I earn, so own it people. 

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.