What I’m really hoping for here is a place to be authentic and to post other stuff I find authentic cause that’s what I’ve been missing most these days. I see all the tan, skinny, designer-clad Instagrams and yes, I stalk them. I’m not above it. But I’m tired of it. I don’t need to see 25-year-olds with breakouts or the state of the laundry pile in your bedrooms but it would just be frickin nice for someone to acknowledge that this shit happens.

Sometimes life sucks and sometimes it rocks and sometimes (most of the time) it’s really neither here nor there and then I start panicking that my life is so boring and am convinced I'll going to die a boring old hag. Just me? Anyway.

This picture is supposed to represent me lost in the overwhelmingness that is life. It's deep. Hopefully whoever you are reading this shit (God bless you), I hope you find something worth while and if not, a blog is cheaper than therapy so I’m still coming out on top. HA!